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The Integrated Wine Producing Establishment “CRICOVA” JSC is the largest winery in the country of Moldova and one of the largest in the whole European continent. Tracing its origins to early 18 th century to the wineries existing in Cricova township of the ancient Codru wine region (hence the company's name), "CRICOVA" was officially incorporated in 1952. As a matter of fact, "CRICOVA" is not a single winery but rather a cooperation/integration of several wine producing facilities, which also includes a huge, unmatchable in the world size-wise underground complex – Cricova Cellars, often referred to as the Grande Underground Wine City. But, this is not the only thing that makes "CRICOVA" truly unique…

Thus, at first instance, “CRICOVA” aptly combines the chateau-estate quality and personality of hand-crafted wines with an immense production capacity of minimum 30 million bottles per year. This is possible due to its own generations of high-class vintners and wine specialists who were literally born into wines (Moldova is one of the most ancient wine regions of the world with a deeply-engrained wine culture), and then pursued the path of training into and perfecting the art of wine-making for decades. This is also possible due to the exceptional, large-scale operational endowment that "CRICOVA" acquired along the years due its important, century-long role as the wine basket of the Tzarist Russia and then of the Soviet Empire's elite.

Moreover, by virtue of owning its very own extensive vineyards that supply all of its input grapes (which is very rare amongst large wine suppliers) “CRICOVA” has ultimate quality control over its wines, directly overseeing the process from the very first stage of production – planting of select vine saplings– to harvesting, fermenting, storing, bottling, cellaring, labeling and shipping to the customer.

Likewise, "CRICOVA" is the only winery in the world that shelters under the same roof and brand umbrella exquisite vintage wines produced from classical European grape varieties like Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Pinot Blanc etc., and classical Methode Champenoise champagnes. 

Finally, though this is by no means the last point of difference that makes this wine establishment so exceptional, "CRICOVA" is the only Moldovan company that has been decorated with the highest national award of recognition– the Order of the Republic and proudly declared the "object of national cultural patrimony". To further understand why "CRICOVA" is referred to as "the lost wine treasure", go on reading...

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